Vasyl Tsanko (UA) wins the 1st prize in the International Competition of Interpretation
Ukrainian pianist Vasyl Tsanko, from University of Aveiro, wins the prize with the pianist Martyna Kulakowska, who won the 2nd place.
It took place on December 2 in the space Lisboa Incomum, space of the composer Jaime Reis dedicated to the musical experimentation, the end of the 1st ed. of the International Interpretation Competition. The jury, composed by the pianists Adriano Jordão, Ana Telles and the composer Jaime Reis pointed out the Ukrainian pianist Vasyl Tsanko as winner of the competition. At his side, Martyna Kulakowska, won the second place. The first edition was dedicated to the music of the Portuguese composer, listening to the final Lysozyme Synthesis, a piano piece composed in 2002 as a student of the UA. The competition was also supported by the association CulturXis

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