Acousmatic // Acusmática

  • Phonopolis [2003/04] - Stereo  
  • Fluxus - Lift [2013] - Stereo
  • Jeux de L’ Espace [2015] - 8 channels + Parametric Loudspeeker Array
  • Fluxus - Pas Trop Haut Dans Le Ciel [2017] -16 channels in a dome distribution.
Commissioned within the frame of the project “The Soundscape we live in”, an European Project organized in collaboration with GMVL, Tempo Reale, Amici della musica de Cagliari, AFEA and Ionian University.
  • Magistri Mei: Bruckner [2020] - 16 channels in a dome distribution
Commissioned by Embodied Gestures by the Tangible Music Lab (University of Art and Design, Linz, Austria).

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