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Influx Summertime festival Summer Academy of electroacoustic composition 2019 acousmatic / multiphonic / mixed music August 22nd - September 1s t  Master classes and workshop were given by Annette Vande Gorne (acousmatic, spatialization), João Pedro Oliveira, Jaime Reis, Hans Tutschku as well as other invited guests: Elizabeth Anderson (space in her multiphonic acousmatic works), Marie-Jeanne Wyckmans (sound for movies), Ana Claudia Assis (piano contemporary techniques), Jean-Baptiste Zellal (analogue techniques), Florian Pascal (field recording). Participants: Raphanel Jocelyn Diana Dolce Anais Tuerlinckx Adrianna Ruiz Rodney Duplessy Sean Russel Hallowell Sara Pinheiro Jonas Regier Leonardo Espeio Audrey Houdart David Nguyen Pedro Finisterra Mathieu Lacroix Gillis Sacré Listeners: Lidia Just Hala Jafar Manos Charalabopoulos Mathilde Lacroix Pierre Gilliard  Anne Versailles