Sinais no Tempo

(2007) for guitar and electronics


In 2001 I wrote a piece with the same title, for ensemble (with guitar), whose idea was relative to the transformation of a "sign", in that case, a relatively long rhythmic cell that was transformed gradually until it became unrecognizable, creating different textures (polyphonic, timbre, etc.). However, the way I thought of such a process is, for me, uninteresting. In recent years I composed some pieces whose idea has to do with a constant rhythmic and harmonic transformation conditioned by the immediately preceding elements that, therefore, require detailed changes in all parameters, moment by moment, creating subtle changes but that I consider very perceptible. This piece is part of a cycle that is still being written, and deals with the exploitation of these transformations in levels operating under several previously underexplored parameters such as microtonal and microtemporal elements that, for me, only make sense in the electronics and are combined in the central section of the piece. It is dedicated to Pedro Rodrigues.

Score excerpt:

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