Fluxus, Transitional Flow

(2013) for viola and electronics


This piece belongs to the cycle Fluxus , whose pieces are inspired by elements of physics and in which musical elements that relate to certain physical phenomena related to fluid mechanics are developed. Other parts of this cycle are Fluxus, Dimensionless sound for flute and electronics (commissioned by Festival for the Liberation of Sound and Image, Paris , 2012) , Fluxus , Lift (premiered at the Festival Monaco Électroacoustique 2013) among other compositions in progress.

This particular piece was commissioned by  Festival Primavera 2013 (Portugal) and it uses recorded sounds of aircraft at the Aero Club of Torres Vedras and used synthesis techniques that relate to the idea of ​​a musical flow that part of the viola and is expanded for the electronics in transitions passing from the elements closest to the instrumental musical material, like that of a laminar flow (in a physics perspective) to more unpredictable elements, as if in a turbulent flow, thus generating a constant game of transitions between different materials musical and its treatments. In order to promote contact with electroacoustic music practice, it was created as a didactic piece to be played by conservatory students of different ages and levels for each part of the piece. 

Score excerpt: