Fluxus, Drag

(2015) for cello and double bass
commissioned by Duo Contracello

This piece is part of Fluxus cycle, whose pieces are inspired in physical elements and where are developed some music elements that are related with physical phenomena associated with the fluids mechanics. Another pieces of this cycle are Fluxus, Dimensionless sound, for flute and electronics (commissioned by Festival for the Liberation of Sound and Image, Paris, 2012), Fluxus, Transitional Flow (commissioned by Festival  Primavera,  2013), among other compositions in progress. Fluxus, Drag was commissioned by Duo Contracello (Adriano  Aguiar  e  Miguel  Rocha) and was premiered at the XVII Festival de M├║sica Contempor├ínea de Madrid COMA’15. 

Score excerpt:

Fluxus Drag by Jaime Reis on Scribd