A Omnisciência é um Colectivo - Part I

(2009) for electronics

Omniscience is a Collective - Part 1 is an electroacoustic work for 9 channels, to be played using a semi-spherical spacialization system and it was premiered in November 2009 for more than 3000 people in a  concert with portuguese famous rock band Blasted Mechanism and sculptor Pedro Carvalho, in Lisbon. It uses recordings of voices from ASEFUAN members (a group of young leaders from 43 Asia-Europe Meeting countries that graduated in on the ASEF University Programmes), recorded in the woods of Solvalla, Finland (2009) and Mount Fuji, Japan (2010), using more than 15 different languages, expressing concerns on world problems. The main idea of the concept of the piece is that Omniscience is a state that can only be achieved by the Collective of Humanity and that to solve world characteristics that inhibit World Harmony, all Humanity must dialogue, create and share knowledge. The use of different languages has both musical and conceptual meanings. The musical developments evolve both in the use of multiple languages, their phonetic idiosyncrasies and the musical textures in the instruments. This creates textures and semantic levels that can only be understood by the audience as a communicant group that dialogues and reflect among the different meanings, elements and development.