A Anamnese das Constantes Ocultas

(2010/2011) for 9 players with conductor and electronics
Commission by Grupo de Música Contemporânea de Lisboa - GMCL (founded in 1970)

Program Notes:

It is a kind of ritornello, in which the material is not repeated linearly, but rather its generating processes. This idea is analogous to the idea of ​​"anamnesis", since there is an association between memory, the perception of a past event and the moments of "repetition" of processes.
The title is inspired by the literature of Pierre Bourdieu and is also allusive to a process analogous to the poem, in which, in its genesis, there are processes of profound semantic transformation through few transformations.
This piece is part of a larger project that includes recordings between 2004 and 2007, with the musicians César Cravo (clarinet), Luís Rocha (bassoon), Jorge Salgado Correia (flute), Pedro Fernandes and Bruno Estima (percussion), Domingos Teixeira (trumpet), David Loyd (violin). And the singers: Alberto Sousa, António Salgado Isabel, Carla Sofia Pais, Catarina Braga, Leonel Pinheiro, Mariana Alves Da Costa, Moisés Freitas, Nuno Dias, Pedro Nuno Figueira, Joaquina Ly, Raquel Camarinha, Ricardo Panela and Susana Milena. The collected material had the first work during a residency at the Visby International Center for Composers, Studio Alpha, Gotland, Sweden, in September 2007. The electronics have some particularities, namely the use of a directional speaker, developed in ISEL by the Engineer Joel Paulo.
This GMCL order, to whom I thank you very much.

no  meu  imo,
não  há  evo.
etéreo   eu.

   No meu âmago, não há eternidade, só o puro eu.

no  meu  imo
há evo
etéreo,   eu.

   No meu âmago, há eternidade pura, sou eu.

no  não  etéreo
meu  há
imo,  evo.  eu.

   A eternidade de cada indivíduo, o eu, reside no íntimo que se encontra no não sublime.
   A parte do íntimo que se encontra no sublime, na pureza de cada um, não é tangível.

Jaime Reis, 2004

Score excerpt: